From Ship to Fork

The processing partners and consumers of Albacora tuna can be assured that their fish is of highest quality and sourced sustainably. As Albacora control the chain from catch to can, we can be certain that only the finest produce reaches our customers. We are fully compliant with all traceability requirements, allowing our clients to be able to check all aspects of our fishing activities.

We apply the same standards in our canneries. We abide by all European food safety and sanitary regulations, which rank among the strictest in the world.

The capacity to freeze tuna immediately after being caught helps avoids histamine fish poisoning, which can make render produce unsafe for human consumption.

In addition, we do not transship our fish at sea. We land all our catches and only transship at port for export purposes. This provides for clear and easy monitoring of our activities. After landing, we immediately transport our catch by refrigerated trucks, either to our processing and canning plants or to other trusted processers and international brokers.

Click here to view our infographic on controls and compliance.


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