Fishing practices

Our crews use two common techniques to find tuna; free school and Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs). Free-school targets tropical tuna as they swim in schools; FADs are floating objects that attract tuna to congregate around them.

A FAD logbook to ensure legal fishing

Albacora is rightly proud of its transparent fishing practices. Each of our crews has a FAD logbook – which we are required to submit to the Spanish authorities – to control the locations of our FADs and assess whether fishing was allowed in the zones in which they were deployed. Our FADs are also equipped with satellite links, allowing us to locate them accurately at sea and limit ourselves to certain fishing areas. This has greatly reduced our fuel consumption contributing to making our carbon footprint, one of the lowest in the fishing sector. Technological improvements to our fleet mean that our boats consume 67% less fuel than the average world fleet consumption. We continue to strive to reduce this further.

To understand how non-entangling FADs protect sharks, turtles and dolphins, please click here.


Albacora is the first company in the world to use a FAD register logbook. Hear how this innovation contributes to sustainable fishing with our fleet manager Imanol Loinaz.


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