Three Mahoran fishermen rescued by the GALERNA II

On June 1st, the GALERNA II received an alert from the Regional Observation and Operational Rescue Center of Reunion (CROSS Reunion), notifying the presence of a drifting fishing vessel 50 miles off the coast of Mayotte.

Previously, the Operational Center of Action at Sea of ​​the State of Mayotte (PC AEM) was alerted of the breakdown of a fishing vessel 50 miles off the coast of Mayotte, with three sailors on board. The CROSS Reunion transmitted the alert, to which the purse seine vessel GALERNA II and the bulk carrier IONIC STORM, present in the area, responded. Both vessels headed towards the possible location of the three drifting sailors.

Around 23:00 (Mayotte local time), the GALERNA II recovered the sailors safely and hoisted the fishing vessel on board, to later navigate to Mayotte and land the sailors. They were taken care of and transferred to the MAKINI border police interceptor at the Bandrélé pass, which took them to Dzaoudzi.

Albacora wishes to share the joy of the GALERNA II crew for the safe rescue of the mariners, and congratulates them for their decisive contribution to the success of the operation.


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