A quality work environment

Albacora’s success is built upon the commitment and dedication of our personnel. They are our most valued asset, and we invest strongly in their development. We are proud to provide excellent working conditions for all our staff, either at sea or in our factories. We actively foster an outstanding work ethic and help our staff feel valued members of the company, helping them pursue their own professional projects. We provide vocational training for all staff at all stages of their career, running from skills training for fisherman with no prior experience, to management training for crew members who wish to grow in their careers.

We are a committed, equal opportunities employer, offering the highest workplace standards for our employees, whether they are at sea or on land. We abide by all labour and safety laws, and set standards above and beyond the requirements of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and of national labour legislations in all our facilities.

As befits a respected global company, Albacora ensures that every employee has an employment contract and is entitled to social benefits. In addition, we maintain dialogues with trade and employment stakeholders to ensure we offer an attractive working environment.


Life at sea: hear how crews live at sea with the testimony of our skipper Josu Bilbao.

Albacora ensures the highest labour standards for all its employees. Listen to our fleet manager Imanol Loinaz.

Albacora has a safety first policy, listen to our fleet manager Imanol Loinaz.

Discover how the safety of crews is ensured on board our vessels with our skipper Josu Bilbao.

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